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Once a ballerina whose career was tragically cut short by her love of carbs and red wine, Prima Vera is taking the Chicago burlesque scene by storm as a song singer, choreographer and taker offer of the clothings.


Before burlesque, Prima Vera performed throughout the world in many dance companies. She graduated with her BFA in Dance and Musical Theater and has used her life-long skill set to teach the upcoming generation of dancers and produce shows through the production company, Phoenix Rising Chicago. After a long stint, Prima Vera found her true calling, Burlesque.


Prima Vera pulls her inspiration and skill set from classical dance and musical theater. She has attended festivals across the country including Vermont Burlesque Festival, Diversi-Tease in Minneapolis, the Show Me Burlesque Festival, Windy City Burlesque Festival, Iowa Burlesque Festival, and the Great Burlesque Exposition (as an instructor and performer). As one of the Broads of Dirty Bird Burlesque and one of the co-producers of Boy Toy's Pocket Productions, she keeps the art alive and growing all around the city of Chicago.


She is a sultry songstress, crafty choreographer, and debonair dancer;

She is Prima Vera.

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